Rape Culture at UofO: Come at Me, Bros

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This is how the world ends… when half of it is bullied into silence.

Originally posted on Make Me a Sammich:

Trigger warning for discussion of rape and rape culture.

Screen shot 2014-03-03 at 2.59.43 PMMy friend Anne Thériault of The Belle Jarwrote a post a few days ago about an incident at University of Ottawa wherein several male members of student leadership gathered to chat about Anne Marie Roy, president of the Student Federation of the University of Ottawa. Ms. Roy had apparently beaten a dude for the office, and these dudes were not happy. They went on for several screens talking about how someone should “punish her with their shaft,” speculating about what venereal diseases she might have, and offering to buy beers for a guy who says he’s going to “fuck her in the ass” on someone’s desk. You’ll find the whole disgusting mess over on The Belle Jar. Here’s an excerpt from Anne’s article, which you should go read right now.

Someone punish her with their shaft. Someone punish her with…

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20 thoughts on “Rape Culture at UofO: Come at Me, Bros

  1. From the link you provided” “If these men face no consequences for their actions – indeed, if they are able to press charges against Roy for publicly addressing their comments – what are the students going to learn from this?”

    It’s hard to imagine any court finding the threatening and insulting remarks of these 4 sick men as qualifying as “freedom of speech” anymore than they would consider on-line speech about how to build a bomb designed to destroy a public building when fully occupied. But then again, what courts do today that seem to ignore rational thought hardly surprises me anymore. If they are willing to view corporations as people and money as speech, it’s not a stretch that such malevolence uttered by these man-children would be viewed as “boys will be boys”.

  2. Men of course are the first to tell us that all this sexism is behind us. They do this as they attempt to legislate our bodies. I’ve had occasion to get into some pretty heavy debates with a few men on FB that have resulted in the usual misogynist crap. When called on it, they of course cry that I’m playing the “sex card”. This is all too obvious and all too prevalent. Thanks for posting…I’ll get it up on my wall as well. :)

    1. It’s hard to believe we still have to get into these debates. It’s painful to see the law being used to silence women who take offense at being treated this way. Are we taking huge steps backwards or what?

  3. Hope someone can somehow explain to the guys what’s wrong with what they’re doing.
    And each of them has a mother, or sister or girlfriend or wife too.

  4. They learned this obnoxious bullying behavior from someone (although pack/sheep mentality has been rampant recently). People must stand up and say enough. Stop teaching this to kids a “normal” you parents, media, entertainment and music industries -, all must be held accountable.
    Good start with blog posts!

    1. It’s hard to believe that this is the lesson men take from life and from others – of all the lessons or behaviors to model, these are the most revolting. Is behaving humanely so much more difficult than the alternative?

      1. Bullies are louder. Loud ones get attention. Controversy sells for media. More it’s out there in public, the more admirable to defective viewers with self esteem issues – and to the young ones as that behavior makes them look “tough” among peers and the more it appears to be a “normal attitude”? The more you see/hear it from those you trust, the more it seems OK? Terrible cycle…one men themselves must confront loudly in public – women’s voices will may be ignored on this issue.

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